1. The Awakening of the Ancient Serpent - 0:36
2. The Calling of Nocturnal Demons - 6:28
3. As the Twelve Legions of Angels Died - 0:38
4. In the Profane Domain of the Frostbeast - 7:55
5. Spiritual Forces of Evil in the Heavenly Realms - 7:35
6. And to the Dephts They Descended - 1:37
7. At the Stone of Ancient Wisdom - 10:36
8. Of Darkness Spawned Into Eternity - 6:42
9. Through the Mist of Dusk They Arose and Clad the Sky With Fire - 6:12
Released by Avantgarde Music in 1997.

"The Calling" was recorded and mixed in the UMT-studio during four days in December 1996. Produced by Ancient Wisdom. Engineered by Jan Andersson and Olle Rönnlund. Mixed by Ancient Wisdom. Photos by Kristoffer Olivius and Mala. Front cover concept by Ancient Wisdom. Digtally visualized by Jens Rydén. Layout by Jens Rydén.

Marcus E. Norman: Electric lead and rhythm guitar, bass, lead and backing vocal, drums and programming, keyboard and samples.
Guestvocals by Kristoffer Olivius.

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